We help all sorts of people with all sorts of “self-publishing” projects. Whatever brings you to Populore, we will work with you any way you feel comfortable. Some authors want to work closely with us on every stage of the process, some want to give us the manuscript and let us decide where to go from there. One writer needed us to help produce two copies of an exquisite hand-crafted heirloom book, and others need a few dozen or a few hundred high-quality paperback or hardcover copies. And we are equally ready to serve neighbors who are able to come to our office, or long-distance writers whom we get to know through the telephone and computer.

One thing everybody wants is personal service, and that’s the only kind we know how to give. Talking around the office about your book, we call it by your name or its title, not a project number. When you call us for any reason, anyone on our small staff will know who you are. (Also, many times our authors tell us they like supporting small, independent local businesses.) Read more.

Is Populore right for you? Your book?

I want to sell my book.

Populore serves people who want to publish and sell their book without the involvement of a traditional publishing house. These “self-publishers” want to produce a professional-quality book, but don’t want to enter the commercial publishing world of submitting a manuscript, hoping it gets accepted, turning their work over for editors and marketers to rewrite or even retitle, then wait for the company to sell the book and pay the author part of what’s left over after expenses. Read more.

Do a book for just family and friends.

Populore also serves people who don’t really plan to sell their book at all. They may be preserving the history and memories of a family, compiling useful information to offer their business clients or customers, leaving a personal legacy of wisdom and reflections, or commemorating a notable achievement or event. Many things are worth remembering and preserving on their own merits, and don’t need to have a monetary value. In these cases, we supply the author with whatever number of copies seems appropriate, with the possibility of ordering more someday if they’re needed.


Finally, publish that book!

Still others simply needed to finally answer the little voice that kept telling them, “You ought to write a book.” Then, the little voice says, “Really finish it. Have it printed—no matter how few copies you have printed, you are now a published author!” Populore is here for those people too.


Curious about offering your book for sale?

We are a small enterprise. Each of our professionals works on only a few projects at a time, and every book and every author is valuable to us. When we open that first copy of the new book, we will be proud and excited …  just not as much as you.



[You all] gently led and never pushed. I can’t thank you enough for making a 25+ year old dream become a reality. It was a pleasure!