You Decide to Sell Your Book

“Best of Luck!”

Want to put your book out there so people can buy it, even though it’s not published by a mega-company with an army of marketing and sales professionals? In today’s world, it is quite possible for a self-publishing author to do that. You probably won’t become a millionaire, but it is possible you could get books into the hands of readers, make some money, and enjoy doing it.

An especially welcome recent-ish development has been the revolution in fulfillment service, the process of actually getting the book to the buyer. You won’t necessarily be spending time sitting at a table with stacks of books, padded mailers, and a sheet of pricey stamps. Populore can place your work in an Amazon program that lists and promotes the book, prints as many copies as needed, ships the order, collects the payment, and sends you the royalty payments. Read more.

Introducing Martha book and author
An Act of Remembrance & Other Mostly True Historical West Virginia Stories by Randy Safford and Preservverance by Melvin Goldman and Lee Goldman Kikel

Populore Clients Promoting Their Books

Ken, co-owner of Populore and authors discussing books
Alan Simms book is covered in Morgantown Magazine
Sarah Blizzard, author selling her book at an Art Walk
Populore client giving a talk to promote her book
author gets covered in an article featuring a book in his university alumni magazine
Populore Client selling books at as festival
By the Tolsa Highway book for sale on Amazon
Woman author doing a book signing for her book called Sacred Silence

Hit the Road.

Maybe avenue is a better word than road. There are so many avenues these days for reaching people, it can seem like a challenge deciding which way or ways to proceed. It will be up to you to come up with a plan. The first and most important step, which is ideally done weeks if not months before going to press, is defining the book’s potential readership. Who will want this book? Realistically, the answer is not “everyone in the world.” For any book, careful thought about the book’s purpose and appeal will lead to a concrete marketing plan, some mixture of efforts such as sending free copies to key people, paying for media advertising, book placement in independent and other bookstores, promotion on social media, published or broadcast author interviews, book signings, distribution of promotional handouts, and sales at fairs and festivals. (If you do want printed promotional material like flyers, postcards, or posters, Populore may well be your best source for ordering these items.) Read more.


Thanks so much for your encouragement and support as I work to make more people aware of my book.