Custom Options, Custom Pricing

The cost of your project will depend on factors like these:

  • Length of book
  • E-book vs.  printed
  • Softbound vs. hardbound, or both
  • Number and type of photos, illustrations, and charts
  • Editorial services required


  • Simple vs. complex design
  • Color printing
  • Index
  • Footnotes vs. endnotes, or neither
  • Length of Book
  • Ebook vs. Printed
  • Softbound vs. Hardbound or both!
  • Photos and charts
  • Professional Proofreading and Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Formatting
  • Color printing
  • No rush or needed now
  • And much more!

For Starters

What will my book cost?

Of course, you really want to know what getting your book into print will cost, and of course we really can’t tell you, exactly. The important thing is, it will cost something. Most of our authors have a strong personal connection with their books. They may have realized that stories fade and disappear if no one takes action to preserve them, or maybe they decided now is the time to move one thing from their “bucket list” to reality. Whatever motivation propels our writers into action, they have invested much of themselves in a book, and they understand that they will need to invest some money to produce a book that can stand proudly shoulder-to-shoulder with any other book on their shelf.

What factors affect pricing?

At one end of the spectrum is a small-format, not-too-lengthy paperback, that has no illustrations and doesn’t need much editing, fact-checking, or back and forth with the author. Photos, maps, illustrations, charts and such add to the cost, and of course big books cost more than small ones, and hardcover more than paperback. Some authors request that Populore point out and fix places where the book might be clearer, or better worded. A few come to us with a lot of material, and need help getting it organized and settling on a focus. On nearly every point, there are options that will affect your final cost, and we try to find a way to accommodate every writer. At the same time, we cannot claim to be able to work within any budget. Every manuscript receives at least a little attention from our staff of professionals, and sometimes we are not able to produce a book that is up to our standards at a cost a particular author can afford.

The Bottom Line

After we thoroughly understand what you need and want, we will give you an estimated range for total costs. Then if you decide to entrust your pride and joy to us, we will work out the details and draw up an agreement for your review. After some signatures and an initial payment, we will be ready to begin this adventure together. Along the way, we will regularly communicate progress-to-date and any options or changes in terms of what they mean for the book and for your budget.

So what will all this cost? To find out, contact us and tell us about your book.


I am pleased to have the project finished “on time and under budget” …
I can’t begin to thank you adequately for the manner in which you orchestrated this project from start to finish. We simply could not have done this history without your guidance and leadership.