It’s about you and
your book.

We at Populore treasure stories, imagination, learning, and new ideas and new ways of looking at old ones, and we know that books are the most potent and universal means of making the excitement of discovery possible. We bring personal commitment and a proven set of principles and procedures to every book entrusted to us.

We understand.

Our clients care deeply about their books, and so do we. The Populore staff is small. We work on only a handful of projects at a time, and we give each one the attention it deserves.


We learn.

We listen to the author, to appreciate what is unique and special about each book. Then together we develop an individualized plan to guide that project from idea to reality.

We communicate.

From our initial free consultation, to delivery of the printed books, we explain each step, and invite authors to decide at every point how involved in the process they want to be.

We care.

Populore’s close-knit team takes personal pride in a job well done. We work hard to earn that pride, and we intend and expect our care to be evident with every book that comes out of our office.

This was a complex project and took over a year to complete, but all along the way I felt like we were progressing just right. Your recommendations, questions, and regular communication kept every decision focused on achieving the best book possible.