Author Events

Don’t be shy!

If your book is for family and friends, perhaps you’d like to throw a party! Take pleasure in giving away some books—signed, and even with a personal note. Maybe that gathering will be at a family reunion? If so, there’s a good chance that relatives will honor and thank you for your hard work and dedication—one Populore author was surprised with a beautiful framed copy of the book’s cover at an annual generational family picnic. Have friends been eager to hear what’s in your book? Schedule a reading, perhaps at a local arts organization or library. Many bookstores and coffeeshops would enjoy having you and others in for a public or private gathering planned around your book’s release.

Will you be sending many copies of the book to people outside your area? Maybe your “author event” will be asking a few friends over to help pack and address the books and send them on their way.

Do you plan on selling your book? If yes, learn more.


Right on Schedule!

Some books’ completion date is timed to coincide with an important event. Release of a law firm’s history book, documenting its first 100 years, was celebrated with a grand reception—complete with numerous displays of firm memorabilia. For another institutional-history-type book, the announcement of a biography of an admired, long-time university leader and physician was part of an event to unveil plans for a new health sciences museum.


The book celebration was beautiful and tearful—the book is such a touching tribute. And, a huge hit with family near and far.