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Preserving One or Just a Few Stories

What is "Populore"?

Populore Publishing Company coined and has registered the word "Populore," which roughly translates to "stories of the people."

More below…

I think the book is great! We have read it from cover to cover.—E. Post

Thank you ever so much for all of your help…my mother is still overwhelmed. She thanks you, too. She says that it was so much better to have received it [before everyone else] and have it all to herself for a bit! This was all such fun…. —S. Parker

So many exciting and surprising possibilities!

For a variety of reasons, some people may not be interested in publishing a "traditional" book…

…they have one specific story they'd like to preserve

…they would like to preserve a collection of short stories

…they might like to do a full book one day, but for now are looking for a good place to start, to "get their feet wet"

…they want to do a small scale project together with a hesitant relative or with a child…

Consider these options…

Stories shown:
"My Country Church" and "Edwin and I"
from Mountain State Stories of the People…


This was a great idea. It's something that all West Virginians will be interested in—a very worthwhile book.—R. Ensor

For several years I planned to mount my violin in an old picture frame and this story gave me the push to do it. It is now mounted on the wall over my stereo in the living room. I am in the process of getting my story framed to hang near my violin. This has been a new experience which I shall cherish. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this.—V. Bonds

Populore Anthologies

In the past, Populore has initiated several story collection projects in which we sought out the short, true stories of ordinary people (between a few paragraphs to a page or two in length) and preserved them in anthologies.

Sharing book space with other people makes preserving your story both exciting and inexpensive. In an anthology, your words and memories are part of a community of sharing, and the book production expenses become negligible when they are spread out among that community.

If you're interested in publishing your story with others in an anthology, contact Populore to see if we have a project in the works. Click here to read more about our anthology and story collection projects.

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Mock-up of narrative in tribute
to anthology editor's parents


I've really enjoyed gathering stories— especially tributes—from various relatives. I look forward to pulling it all together with photos and sharing the finished books.—B. Farfsing

Your Own Personal or Family Anthology

There are some interesting possibilities for doing your own collection of stories. For one project, we helped three seniors who were siblings compile dozens of stories into a book. The "Populore Narrative" approach combined with the anthology setting can be a special way to celebrate a family…and the publishing expenses become manageable when they're spread out among the group.

This can also work well for other groups and organizations—one of our books, for example, includes short narrative stories by girl scouts about their scouting experiences. Imagine compiling a cookbook of favorite recipes interspersed with favorite stories and photos. Imagine giving all the members of your extended family a copy of our writing guide and asking them to write a few stories that will eventually be compiled in an anthology. The possibilities really are endless!

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Childrens' Books

Populore can help authors of children's books to publish their work, but on a small scale. By "children's books" we mean books that are typically 16, 24, or 32 pages long and that may contain extensive illustrations and photographs.

Tribute story and recipe for molasses cookies


I originally thought that I wanted to do a full-blown collection of recipes from both sides of the family, but then decided I wanted to start small and just focus on favorites from Great Grandma K.; at family gatherings we always end up talking about what a great cook she was and how we want to preserve some of her scrumptious traditional recipes from "America's heartland." —L. Ellis


From 4 to 32 pages, a booklet is a quick, easy, and special way to preserve one or a few select stories. Just like full-length books, booklets can range from the very simple barebones approach, to a more flashy, highly-designed look. They are flexible to fit the needs and interests of each individual client.

Populore has helped several clients produce booklets. One example is Family Comforts: of Quilts and Porches, by JoAnn Dadisman. It is a collection of short stories about a family "stitched" together into a book and accented with photographs and illustrations. Another example is Frances and the Windstorm, a booklet preserving one important family story of courage and perseverance in the face of tragedy. Note the book lengths (given in pages) for the books listed in the Portfolio/Gallery

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One Sheet of Paper

Some stories (or other short pieces) can fit on a single page, perhaps with decorative edging or a photo or two. Although Populore doesn't do projects like this for clients, we mention them here to get you thinking about little ones you might do on your own.

This approach can be especially appropriate for tribute-type pieces. Imagine presenting your mother with a framed, carefully written and laid out story for Mother's Day. Populore President Rae Jean Sielen, for example, wrote a one-page story about a family heirloom and gave copies of it to her mother and nieces for Christmas.

Photos at left show two other personal projects by Rae Jean. Top: a tribute piece with music for a song her husband wrote and performed at his mother's memorial service. Bottom: a memories piece presented to her aunt and uncle for their fiftieth anniversary.

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[Continued from top of page, "What is Populore?"]

Pure and Simple: The notion of Populore Narratives…

We help all kinds of people publish in all different kinds of ways, but what is at the heart of all publishing is a value for preservation, saving our "lore" in print so it will last and can be shared.

We embrace the personal narrative, in its many forms. And, we adamantly believe that all people, regardless of their own writing experience, have stories worth preserving.

Through the years we have promoted the pure and simple "Populore Narrative" approach to preserving stories in writing. Populore Narratives are not long or fancy. They are short stories from your memories or experiences from a few paragraphs to several pages in length. They can be about birthdays, anniversaries, favorite places, keepsakes, tributes to others, and much more. Sometimes we call them "written tellings." What's important is what they are about and that they were "put in writing," not how they are written. Populore's Put It In Writing Guide for Populore Narratives is an excellent how-to book for individuals who would like some guidance on writing short narratives.

Whether you're considering a booklet, an anthology submission, or anything else, keep the Populore Narrative concept in mind, and imagine what a treasure it would be if you discovered a few "Populore Narratives" written by your grandparents.