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Hardbound Levels:

Consider the possibilities!

Designed with you in mind…


Non-Populore samples above
courtesy of W. Minter and J. Deiss.

I appreciate your creativity and craftsmanship, your dedication to quality, and your care in producing a unique gift-of-a-lifetime for my son. We were pleased beyond our expectations. Each detail of the book is meaningful and exquisite—the leather…storage boxes, as well as the handling of the photos and words.— R. Harding

At Populore, working with various vendors, we have organized our different hardbound approaches into five levels, or types, of book production as listed below. This page focuses on hardbound books, but is also useful in thinking about different approaches for softbound books.

  • Digital On-Demand (key vendor is a book manufacturer)
  • Basic (key vendor is a book manufacturer)
  • Standard (key vendor is a bindery)
  • Deluxe (key vendor is a binder)
  • Premium (key vendor is a book artist)

Principal differences among the levels include the following: cost; choice of printing technology (laser printer, digitally, or offset press); binding done by machine or by hand; number and type of extra features; the degree of flexibility in details, materials, and "extras" (such as slipcases or bookboxes).

We can help clients choose the best approach based on the unique specifications of their projects—the desired look and feel, the quantity of books, the type and amount of material in the book, and the client's budget.

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