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Our Anthologies

(the result of our story projects)

Mountain State Stories
of the People

My three friends who received a copy of Mountain State Stories from me liked it very much, one saying "It is priceless." I am thankful to Populore for helping me to make them happy.—focus group participant

[I've enjoyed that] the book is full of stories that are interesting and "I didn't know that!"— C. Mathena

Mountain State Stories of the People: Celebrating West Virginia, Book I. Edited by Amy Stevenson and Rae Jean Sielen, Foreword by former West Virginia Governor Gaston Caperton, 1997. 204 pages; 207 narratives (43 from "young authors") organized by region; 92 photos. 8.25 x 11.75 inches, softcover. ISBN 0-9652699-1-4.
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Mountain State Heritage

Thank you for the gift of Our Mountain State Heritage. I have just now finished reading it—cover to cover—and found all stories fascinating. The book is a valuable record of life in these hills a generation or so past.— H. Wysong

Delightful!! That best describes how Jack and I feel about the book!—E. Kennedy

Our Mountain State Heritage: West Virginia Stories of the People, Book II. Edited by Pam Kasey and Rae Jean Sielen, Foreword by West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd, 1998. 200 pages; 108 narratives organized by region; 130 photos. 8.25 x 11.75 inches, softcover. ISBN 0-9652699-2-2.
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The result of Populore's "Stories of the People" project is a cultural collage preserving the nuances of a region through the stories of its people. The two-book anthology series is a fascinating collection of tributes; reflections on the way it used to be; humorous anecdotes; a few poems; an extensive name, place, and topic index; and much more. The 185 contributors to Volume I and the 97 contributors to Volume II wrote stories with titles including "My Mountain Grandma," "Fox Hunting," "Picking Up Coal," "An Ode to One-Room Schools," and "Hard Life, Good Life."
One Among Many

We received the incredible One Among Many and are completely delighted. The stories themselves are absorbing and well written; the layout and design of the book and the quality of the binding set these stories off very well and make them seem even more significant. The book is a gem! Now our pleasure is to pass it around… —B. Weber

Thank you, and please thank your staff, for producing such a nice book. It was very moving to see my own story in that form, and I look forward to reading others'. Congratulations on making this happen.—M. Nelson

One Among Many: America Stories of the People. Edited by Rae Jean V. Sielen, Nancy E. Weber, and Jill A. Ross, 2000. 200 pages; 94 narratives organized by region; 138 photos. 8.5 x 11.75 inches, hardcover. ISBN 0-9652699-3-0.
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The result of Populore's "Stories Across America" project is this anthology of "written snapshots." Reading One Among Many is like driving across America and stopping along the way to hear locals tell you their stories. The stories are in the voices of their authors—preserving dialect and cadence of speech. The stories in the anthology—stories such as "Take the Bitter with the Sweet," "Confederate Love Stories," "Snow Tires in the Desert," and "Westward Ho!"—remind us that regions and borders make us distinct, but they do not separate us.
Living with Stuttering
Living with Stuttering: Stories, Basics, Resources, and Hope. Edited by Kenneth O. St. Louis, Ph.D. Populore Publishing Company, 2001. 256 pages; 25 stories, overview chapter, "Stuttering 101," eight appendices; 62 photos. 6 x 9 inches, softcover. ISBN 0-9652699-4-9.
Please click here for more information on Living with Stuttering.